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Another 'Variety Sunday' show tonight at 8pm, Featuring: Ashley Wayne Barlow, Lisa Coppola, Meagan Hill, Jozef Ivaska,...

Posted by Bob Egan on Sunday, September 27, 2020

"Just a Little Time" (Coppola/Taglieri), winner of the 2017 Josie Award Best Modern Country Song by a Female Artist

Please Stay Home - with Eryn

I was so proud to be asked to be part of this project's much needed song and message.  That's me bottom right, next to Matt Wade.  Hope you enjoy it!

Songs From Home Facebook Live 3/21/2020 during the Corona Virus Stay-At-Home

Lisa Coppola (Vocals) and John MacDonald (Bass) featuring songs by Lisa Coppola and various beloved covers.

Total Songs: 13, Total Set Duration : 57:00

  1. Stuck to My Shoe by Lisa Coppola
  2. Fever by Little Willie John/Peggy Lee
  3. Little By Little by Susan Tedeschi
  4. When You Were Mine by Lisa Coppola
  5. Here Comes My Girl by Tom Petty
  6. Simon's Kiss by Lisa Coppola
  7. Dr. Feelgood by Aretha Franklin
  8. Just a Little Time by Lisa Coppola
  9. Don't Stop Believin' by Journey
  10. You and I by Lady Gaga
  11. Let It Be by The Beatles
  12. Come Together by The Beatles
  13. The Gambler Kenny Rogers

All copyrights belong to the original artists and songwriters - FOR DEMO PURPOSES ONLY

Save Us Video

BROAD "Better On My Own"

WOAH! CORRECTION! MY APPEARANCE ON FAME MUSIC RADIO IS TONIGHT, SATURDAY, 12/30 at 11pm EST. WOOPS ?. AND DUH ? AND SORRY. But go listen anyway, they’re awesome! Original post: Happy New Year! Thought I’d sing you a song before my radio guest spot on www.famemusicradio.com at 11pm EST! This is “When You Were Mine” by Anthony Krizan and John Waite. Bgvs by Lisa Orban and my earrings were a gift from amazing talent Robin Tricker. If you’re home tune in! Mentions: Ray Powers, Q108

Posted by Lisa Coppola on Friday, December 29, 2017

RB3 Rockin Wonder Bar LOD 2018...By Katie Murphy..." Something Gotta Hold On Me "

Posted by Katie Murphy on Sunday, January 14, 2018

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